Changzhou DaLi Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.was founded in 2001,located in Tianning Town of Changzhou.Through the effort of all staff members for many years,the Company has become a medium scale machine manufacturer with powerful technical force and advanced equipment...


Casting Film Line

For the production of various kinds of cloth and all kinds of plastic gloves, shower cap, suit cover, car cover, umbrellas and raincoats etc. blank film and sanitary napkins, baby diaper, diapers, lining film, packaging film and perforated film bottom film and various film roll material.

Lamination/Coating Line

The machine adopts casting composite process, PE (polyethylene), EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer), TPR or PP (polypropylene) and other raw materials, through extrusion heating, and the substrate composite rolling, cooling and winding Into the complete sets of equipment...

Geomembrane(waterproof sheet) production line

The extrusion casting process is used to produce geomembrane sheet with LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, EVA, ECB, TPO and PVC as raw materials.

Drainage Sheet Line

It is mainly used for the production of drainage plate used in railway tunnel, which has an effective width of 2000 - 4000mm. In accordance with the requirements of quality of the new CRCC certification on drainage board equipment, combined with the production process.

PP spunbond nonwoven fabric line

The production line digested and absorbed the advanced technology of the same kind of equipment abroad, which was reasonable in design, complete in specifications, superior in performance and uniform in network. It is suitable for all kinds of spunbonded nonwovens, such as white...

EVA/PVB Film Line

The machine uses the casting process, with EVA or PVB as the main raw material, supplemented by color masterbatch and other additives. The film produced has strong adhesion to inorganic glass, which is mainly used in the fields of color safety interlayer glass, art glass, decorative laminated glass and so on.



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Founded in 1988, we are specialized in plastic machinery industry, and strive to become the leader in plastics machinery industry.

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With a professional, rigorous and comprehensive technical support and service team, the supply of spare parts is guaranteed to provide a customized solution for you.

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